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About us

The aim of the CHACR is to help the British Army with the development of the conceptual component of fighting power. We do this by conducting and sponsoring research and analysis (both in-house and through a wide network of associates and colleagues across the globe) into the enduring nature and changing character of conflict on land. Some of this work is requested directly by the Army, and some of it is identified independently by the CHACR as being important for the Army. At the same time the CHACR offers itself as an active hub of scholarship, professional enquiry and debate for the Army.

Doctor Andrew R D Sharpe

The Director

During 34 years of military service, and nine operational tours, Andrew Sharpe commanded on operations in all ranks from second-lieutenant to brigadier. He left the British Army as a Major General, completing his military career as the Director of the UK MoD’s independent think-tank: the DCDC. For three years he ran the UK Chief of Defence Staff’s Strategic Advisory Panel.

D Ziya Meral

Director Research and Programmes

Dr Ziya Meral directs CHACR’s Global Analysis Programme that explores trends that are shaping the current operating environment and global developments that impact British defence. He is also a Senior Associate Fellow at the Royal United Service and sits on advisory boards of multiple initiatives and institutions, including the British Institute Ankara.

Prof Matthias Strohn

Visiting Fellow

Prof. Matthias Strohn is the Head of the Historical Analysis Programme at CHACR as a Visiting Fellow, whilst also a member of the Department of War Studies, The Royal Military Academy Sandhurst. He is also Professor of Military Studies in the Humanities Research Institute at the University of Buckingham, and a Fellow of the Royal Historical Society. Prof. Strohn was educated at the University of Münster (Germany) and the University of Oxford.