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The occasional papers of the Centre for Historical Analysis and Conflict Research.

Ares & Athena – Issue 24 – Agile procurement

“We need to ensure we have a common understanding about our priorities in order to present a consistent narrative around why adapting our procurement...
Ares Athena 23 - IF

Ares & Athena – Issue 23

“It is easy to observe that having regular trained soldiers based in London delivering public duties isn’t a particularly cost effective use of our...
Ares Athena 22 - MSQ

Ares & Athena – Issue 22

“As we dwell on Putin, Ukraine, and the hasty thinking that generated the reaction in the CHACR that has resulted in this publication, one...
Ammunition in light bulb

Ares & Athena – Issue 21

Thinking about thinking - the power of the conceptual component   Read online above or click here to download a copy to your desktop.

Ares & Athena – Issue 20

"Politics and political leadership will change, public perceptions will ebb and flow, Army leadership will change, world events will evolve and erupt, but our...
Ares & Athena 19

Ares & Athena – Issue 19

"Although it would be folly to not remain conscious and cognisant of the other threats and challenges that currently exist globally and those that...

Ares & Athena – Issue 17

“Don’t mention the war!” shouts a panicking Basil Fawlty in one of the best-known episodes of Fawlty Towers. Clearly in the 1970s, 30 years...

Ares & Athena – Issue 16

NATO, we are repeatedly told by politicians and the denizens of both the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and the Ministry of Defence, sits at...

Ares & Athena – Issue 15

The House of Commons Foreign Affairs Committee released a report on China in April 2019, with the name “China and the Rules-Based International System”....

Ares & Athena – Issue 14

Both the previous and the current professional heads of the British Army believe that failure in warfare is as much about being out-thought as...