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The British Army Review is the Army’s own professional journal and is intended to provide a forum for the discussion of all matters of professional interest to the soldier. Articles are invited from all ranks and from others having a special knowledge of or interest in military affairs.

The British Army Review 188 – Fight together, tonight and tomorrow

"This co-authored edition of The British Army Review forms part of a series of initiatives across Defence to mark 120 years since the signing...
Battle of Irpin River

The British Army Review 187 – The Battle of Irpin River

"Some of the most remarkable stories are of those who were civilians on the 23rd February 2022 and who volunteered to fight on the...

The British Army Review 186 – Spring 2024 – Our slice of the Alliance

"Just being in the Alliance is important, but contributing in strength and actively exercising together is even more important as it gives substance to...

The British Army Review 185 – Autumn 2023 – A new way of winning

“ will continue to make sure, as we evolve the Army, at pace, to keep up with an ever-changing threat kaleidoscope alongside an increasingly...
Canakkale, TURKEY - July 28, 2018 : Trojan horse made for Troy movie in Canakkale

The British Army Review 184 – Special Edition – History’s steer on unlocking stalemate...

“We have tried to look at how those lessons might be seen as useful to a re-equipped, reinforced, retrained and battle-hardened Ukrainian military,...
BAR #183

The British Army Review 183 – Summer 2023 – How will we fight?

“The Army is doing excellent work on how we might expect to fight in the future, but the intensity and proximity of this war...
British Army Review 182 – Spring 2023 – Mobilisation

The British Army Review 182 – Spring 2023 – Mobilisation

“I instigated Op Mobilise to address, directly, the purpose of the Army: to be ready to fight and win wars on land. This is...

British Army Review Special Report Spring 2020 ‘The Yugoslav Wars’

The British Army Review (BAR) has published a Special Report on 'The Yugoslav Wars'. As with most of the BAR Special Reports the material within...

British Army Review 177 Winter/Spring 2020

Welcome to the British Army Review (BAR) 177 winter and spring 2020.  We open this edition with an obituary for Professor Sir Michael Howard...

British Army Review 176 – Autumn 2019

Welcome to the British Army Review (BAR) 176, Autumn 2019. Despite the summer leave period, a number of key events have taken place which...