Ares & Athena – Issue 11

On Tuesday 26th September 2017 the Centre for Historical Analysis and Conflict Research held a study day on the Western Balkans. The event was well attended. What struck the CHACR staff most about the audience, however, was that the vast majority of those of whom it was comprised already possessed a professional interest in the region. Not surprising, because one would expect those with an interest in the region to attend. But surprising, because on almost all of our other previous workshops there have also been a fair proportion of the audience who have been generically interested: they have not been experts, nor has the subject been their own focus, but rather they have been a variety of individuals, often very senior, who were seeking to widen their general understanding, and, importantly, to gain an understanding of why the CHACR thought that the subject matter was one that merited study and attention. But this was the very reason that the study day was held.