25 March 2020 – CHACR Weekly Take Away Newsletter: Issue 1

This is the first of weekly CHACR Take Away Newsletters, which we will issue regularly from now on. In these newsletters, you will find links to the latest products by the CHACR, but also links to key reports and studies by external experts and institutions which we think you should pay attention to. The aim is to continue advancing the mandate of the CHACR to enhance the conceptual component of fighting power for the British Army.

A Word From the Director
As the CHACR re-launches its website, amidst the fast-moving spread of the Coronavirus, it is our intention to keep those who follow us as up-todate as possible on wider global developments of significance. President Trump has called COVID-19 “The Chinese Virus’, but now the WHO is warning that the epicentre, having shifted from China to Europe, is shifting again, this time from Europe to the US. As the dynamics of the disease ebb and flow, swell and recede, so, most likely, will the traditional dynamics of international balances and relationships. News and newsletters will, inevitably, be full of reflections upon the effects of the virus; but there will also need to be insights into all of those other events that, despite the ravages of COVID-19, continue in the background, driving and affecting the dynamics of global events and relationships. We hope that you find this newsletter informative and useful.
Maj Gen (Ret) Dr Andrew Sharpe