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Global Analysis Programme

‘Making sense of a complex world’

The Global Analysis Programme (GAP) provides cutting edge analysis on emerging trends and flashpoints. The GAP conducts in depth research through it’s network of high profile academics to improve the British Army’s understanding of the complexities in the world so that it is a more effective force. To date, the GAP has commissioned and hosted some 100 academics and subject matter experts to speak to Army audiences and contribute to GAP publications. More than 6000 Army personnel has attended GAP events, more than 2500 Army personnel attended talks by Dr Meral on global trends and more than 30 publications have been released by GAP on a broad range of issues. GAP’s annual conference, Making Sense of a Confusing World, held every year at the RMAS, attracts a dozen world leading experts to partake in a panel in day long discussions on key issues impacting the world and provides Army personnel a chance to take a day out from busy work schedules to reflect on the strategic context.

You can also learn more about activities of the Global Analysis Programme between 2017-2020 here: