Annual Conference: Making Sense of a Confusing World

The Centre for Historical Analysis and Conflict Research (CHACR’s) Global Analysis Programme (GAP) is pleased to invite you to its annual conference, “Making Sense of a Confusing World” on 21 January 2021.

This year’s conference will be held as a virtual event beginning live at 08.00 with opening sessions starting at 08.45 and closing at 16.35; enabling more Army and HMG personnel to attend.

The conference will seek to provide a chance to step back from busy work loads, hear from top notch experts and reflect on global developments that are shaping today’s operating environment.

The conference will start with an opening speech by the Chief of the General Staff, General Sir Mark Carleton-Smith. He will be followed by the keynote speaker, Prof Lawrence Freedman, who will provide reflections on recent developments in the world and how these impact the UK.

Their talks will be followed by multiple panels to unpack some of the key issues in detail. Panel one asks the question of ‘Whither the West’, and explores current issues facing the Transatlantic alliance. Panel two, looks at global competition between superpowers and regional powers, with a focus on China, Russia, the Middle East, US and Europe. Panel three explores cross-cutting issues that impact security and defence: terrorism, cyber threats, humanitarian conditions, arms control and nuclear weapons. Panel four reflects on how militaries and defence policies across the world have been impacted by these and sought to meet the challenges. Panel five brings together senior Army, defence and foreign policy officials to reflect on how all of these issues impact us directly and what these mean for current and future operations.

Confirmed panellists thus far include: David Patrikarakos, Shashank Joshi, Jonathan Eyal, Beyza Unal, Georgina Wright, Ulrike Franke, Peter Roberts, Ankit Panda, Jasmine El-Gamal, Veerle Nouwens, Peter R. Neumann, Angus Lapsley (MoD), Samantha Job (FCDO), Meia Nouwens, Mark Galeotti, Frank Gardner, Hannah Lucinda Smith, Tim Marshall, Leslie Vinjamuri, Hans Kundnani,  Maj Gen Mick Ryan (Australian Army), Maj General Ralph Wooddisse & Brig Tom Bewick.

The platform works best at Chrome browser on MoDNet computers, and much more smoothly on civilian phones and computers. Please use your MoD and gov email addresses for registration.

Attendance is restricted to Army and wider HMG personnel.

For details of registration please see our events on CHACR’s SharePoint site on MODNET.